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To provide Jacksonville and surrounding areas with a publication that contains individual value for people within their community. Our commitment is to partner with Jacksonville businesses, who share our company philosophy of integrity, loyalty, and a determination to grow. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best service, highest quality, and most cost-efficient venue for their investment, while at the same time saving our readers money every day.




Money Pages is a monthly publication delivering a high quality, full color, direct-mail savings publication to Jacksonville, Nassau County, St. Augustine, Palm Coast and Ormond Beach in Florida as well as Kingsland, Georgia.

We feature significant savings that cross virtually all consumer industry sectors from restaurants and events to automotive service and home improvement, and have been published since 2000. Our publication is mailed free to virtually all residences in and outside of Jacksonville and the distribution reaches over 500,000 homes.



Direct mail is one of the most profitable methods of marketing today. Direct mail allows you to target specific markets and gives you the ability to have personal one-to-one contact with your prospect. Direct mail is becoming increasingly popular because it is a proven, cost measurable medium for businesses to market their services and products to their target audience. 

Money Pages can help with strategic and creative marketing solutions to drive consumers to your business.
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Personal - one-to-one contact with your potential customer
Highly Targeted - customized mail lists allow you to select your consumer demographics
Measurable - your results can be quantified and measured accurately & quickly
Flexible - direct mail can be tailored to your needs
Affordable - your mailings will be tailored to suit your budget
Branded - sending out a direct mail card is a great way to promote your business name
Less Competition - your message does not compete with any other advertising message

Our full service design team can help grow your business with the following direct mail pieces.

• 8 Panel Product Inserts
• 8 Panel Menu Inserts
• DAL Cards
• Coin Magnet Menus
• Door Hangers
• And more!



Money Pages will print any product you need! From promotional items to showcase your company, to business cards, let us help you determine the most effective products for your next trade show or event. Contact us for information on branding and available products.


We Provide a Full Range of Internet Marketing Services

• Website Design & Development
We can help design and develop a dynamic, SEO optimized, mobile friendly website.
• Social Media
Let us setup & post to Facebook, Twitter, etc for you.
• Search optimization & Marketing Services
(SEO and SEM) - Target High PageRanking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines.
• Retargeting, Email Marketing & Much, Much More