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  • Travis and Aubree

    Travis and Aubree

    Travis and I met in 7th grade while both attending the SOS Academy in Jacksonville. It was "puppy" love at first sight. Of course I thought he was super cute with his soup bowl hair cut, his height and those beautiful blue eyes. I was extremely excited when Travis asked me out. He handed me a letter in one of our classes. I read the letter and I felt overwhelmingly excited when I read the words from his heart. I really didn't know that he liked me as much as he did.

    We dated accordingly as any normal 7th grade couple would. From a few hugs here and there in the hallways and in between classes, then a dare from my friends to kiss each other. Then to anxiously await a phone call after school. (Ultimately, this mind you, this would be the main reason for breaking up because he wouldn't call due to hating talking on the phone).

    We used to get in trouble for passing each other notes, so we came up with the idea of making a composition book that we would pass back and forth and each page would be a note we'd give each other. This puppy love went on into the 8th grade. At the end of our 8th grade year we parted ways due to going to different high schools. All our friends then said we'd get married one-day. Years past and we'd hear about how each other were doing through mutual friends. I, during high school had a baby girl, got married to her father after graduation and then had another baby. Travis in his twenties got married and joined the Army. He and I both divorced in our early twenties.

    In 2014 thanks to Facebook we reconnected. Travis was still in the army and I was a single mom of two growing girls. He was stationed in Washington state as I was still home in Jacksonville. We started to rekindle our relationship by spending hours on the phone which was quite a change from middle school. We'd send each other care packages then Travis and my girls became pen pals. They'd write back and forth answering silly questions such as "What's your favorite color and what kind of foods do you like?" etc.

    We starting falling for each other and made it an official long distance relationship on June 26th, 2014. We couldn't wait to talk to each other and spend hours on the phone each night. Travis was discharged from the Army in mid December 2014 and was coming home. Nervous as any young woman could be, I awaited Travis' arrival at the Jacksonville airport at midnight on December 10th.

    The first time we locked eyes, my world stopped. There was Travis, we hadn’t seen each other since our early teen years. He approached me with a big smile grabbed me and we kissed. My heart dropped to my stomach. That first kiss as an adult couple was one we will talk about when we are well into our eighties. I suddenly felt as though I was living the experiences a romantic movie.

    Travis moved in with my girls and I and we began our life together. We would tell the girls stories of our experiences in middle school together. We told the kids how I’d always break up with Travis for not calling me and a few weeks later we'd get back together. Memories were building, we started hobbies together and we became even closer.

    Prior to Travis asking me to marry him he took me and my girls ring shopping late February 2017. He wanted all three of us to pick the ring out together. Then, March 11th, 2017 he planned a big party for my birthday. He arranged everything with my family and kept a good secret. He proposed to me in front of my family. Of course I said YES! It's been an incredible journey, from middle school, going our separate ways in high school to finding each other again. Did we really think that we would find true love one-day and be engaged? Absolutely not!

    We both agree that we'd always think of each other and wonder through the years of no contact what the was doing. We have so many friends and our families that are beyond excited for us to finally get married one day. Our love for each other is getting stronger everyday. I can't wait to marry my soul mate the one I love so much. I can't wait to make more great memories together.

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  • Cameron and Jade

    Cameron and Jade

    Cameron and I met at a get together between mutual friends in October of 2011. We knew we had an instant connection the moment we saw each other. That first night consisted of us talking all night into the next morning. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history. He didn’t live in the same city as I did. He would drive every weekend to spend time. Our weekends were full of nights out,getting to know one another, laughs,and just all around good times. He eventually enrolled in A&T University in the same city where my university was located University North Carolina at Greensboro.

    Those two years in college spent together were so memorable and we were always excited about what the future held for us. Once I graduated in 2013 I decided to move back to Jacksonville for a job opportunity. Shortly after Cameron made his way down to Jacksonville from our home state of North Carolina. We have continued to grow together through both the bad and good times. We always knew we were meant to be together and in Febuary of 2017 he proposed! It was the best night of our lives surrounded by immediate family whom we both cherish. Our love has truly changed us for the better. We have been there for each other through life’s obstacles that sometime seem impossible to face, but at the end of the day we have each other, and it makes those life obstacles feel like a breeze. We truly believe that our love transcends and we can’t wait to say I do!

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  • Blake and Kristin

    Blake and Kristin

    This is my love story and picture for the wedding giveaway. Thank you for this opportunity. Love was something I never thought I'd have. I believed it for my friends and everyone else, just not me. I watched as most young ladies my age fell in love, got married and started families. Everyone kept telling me just be patient your time will come, but I was so tired of hearing that. True love was something I had always dreamed of and while I was happy for my friends, on the inside I was sad, it hurt. So thinking the love I had always dreamed of wasn't meant for me, my Prince Charming was never going to come and my fairytale wedding would always be a dream, I gave up. I gave up my dream and hopes for it. I just did my own thing, focused on myself & my family. They say love comes when you stop looking for it and that is so true. On November 18th, 2016 my true love showed up, totally unexpected and out of the blue. Blake sent me a message through a friend saying he'd like to get to know me, gave me his number and told me the ball was in my court. I was kind of in shock because I knew of him but didn't know him, I'd only seen him around church and I didn't think he'd be a guy that would like me. So after a few minutes of staring at the message I texted him back saying hey it's Kristin and gave him my number. I'm the shy type and didn't really know what to say. He sent me a text and before I could text back he was calling me. We talked a little while and then he asked me for ice cream but I told him no because I had to bake for a lunch at church. Within that time I could already feel a connection with him. He wasn't going to give up on us going out and as much as I liked to go I had to say no. But we seen each other that Saturday at church, hung out, talked a while and went out for ice cream and since that day we have been inseparable. There was just something about him that I fell in love with, I felt like we'd known each other for years. We became close really fast, it was easy to open up to him & he could open up to me. November 25th is when we first said I love you and my love for him has grown. I love him more today than I did yesterday. People told us we'd not make it more than 3 months, we wouldn't last. But here we are a year later and stronger than ever. I believe we have a relationship like none other, from day one we decided we would always be honest with one another. We tell each other everything. If we have a issue we stop right then and talk it out, we don't wait or go to bed with it on our mind. We always say I love you, first thing in the morning and right before we fall asleep. Blake is all I've ever hoped for in a man. He's my dream come true. Since we've been together he's never failed to make me feel loved, he treats me like a princess every day. He makes me feel beautiful and on the days I feel the worst he wraps me in his arms and holds me until I feel better. I love every single thing about Blake. He's my best friend, my confidant, my encourager, my love, my soul mate, my world. I couldn't imagine life without him nor do I want to. I love him more than I ever thought I could love one individual. He's my everything and I can't wait to spend forever with him.

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  • William and Melanie

    William and Melanie

    Melanie and I were introduced a little over a year ago by her Sister and Brother In Law. Even though I was friends with her Sister and Brother In Law for over 20 years, I never met Melanie or even knew of her. God always saves the Best for Last. And I am so fortunate to know that Melanie is My Last. She is truly an amazing Woman! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her!

    Sincerely In Love,

    William Oxley

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  • Dustin and Natalie

    Dustin and Natalie

    Our love story is far from the book version of things. No we didn’t fall in love over a candle lit dinner, or even love at first sight. We actually fell exactly where the universe saw fit, by all means let me explain just how funny our love story seems to be.

    I had been single for 2 years, a mother of 2 girls working my everyday life as a Director of a local nursing home. Mind you I met so many potential candidates but non of them seemed to spark my interest. You see there is something about a man with power that turns a light switch off for me. Anyhow moving forward.. Ahh yes Facebook who doesn’t use that pesky little sight that seems to draw you in every 15 minutes to see if anything on the news feed had changed. My newsfeed was exactly the same on 1.23.17 except my messenger had a new face attached to it. Dustin Joel sent you a message (accept/deny) okay so I hit accept. The man was very handsome and well me being curious I went with it! And boy am I ever glad I did. (pay attention to the dates I am giving you)

    Conversation was normal, you know the same old "you are beautiful". Nice to meet you, the common things people say to a complete stranger based solely on looks. So you flirt back a little why not right? After all I am single and well he is cute. The converstaion was short, nothing more then the proper introduction and closing. That is until I decided I wanted a tattoo! Yes that’s right a tattoo from the ever so handsome tattoo artist on my newsfeed. I was thinking discount? Maybe free? Who knows, but the real truth was it was just my way of reaching back out. ME ME is what I posted on his post, and I got back yes YOU YOU YOU, but wait just a minute the man is in CLEARWATER! Ugh go figure.

    I could tell you that’s where it ended but that would be a lie. Dustin and I became very close very quick. Here we are two worlds apart on edge every waking hour! But then the dreadful part comes in… He wants to talk on the phone! I for one hate the phone what a drag this was going to be, why not text? Must we be so formal? I suppose I may as well get this over with… Video Chat is it! Oops… Guys listen when he picked up the phone my little heart kind of skipped a beat. Those eyes… what a handsome man he truly was. Hours passed, conversation never skipped a beat, I was looking at someone I didn’t even know but felt so close to already.

    January 23rd 2017 — Moving along to February 13th 2017. ROAD TRIP!!!! What was I thinking! Yes indeed you guessed it I was going to visit this mystery man. I’m kidding who would do that so soon? Well lets just day I didn’t visit I actually picked this man up and brought him back to Jacksonville with me! Crazy huh? No so far… I actually moved him back to his home town in St. Augustine Fl. I’m not that crazy! Things moved fairly quickly, Dustin and I were no longer two worlds apart however we were exploring our world together. The youth we both experienced with one another was timeless. We were trapped inside our universe where nothing else mattered. We my friends were falling in love.

    To be frankly honest here there was nothing that could put the brakes on this dynamic couple… Of course there is one thing. A BABY! Oh my May 29th 2017 would change every detail of this romance in everyway possible. A baby you say? I already have 2 children, 2 girls ages 12 & 5… Well here goes nothing. On my drive to St. Augustine I was quite emotional thinking of all the things that come with having a baby. How far along were we? Boy? Girl? Names I need a name!!! You women know exactly what I am talking about… Barley pregnant and already planning our baby shower (ha, ha). Well here I am… Dustin was handed a box I picked up on the way to St. Augustine, inside the box was a baby girl & boy onesie with a pacifier holder that said "I Love Daddy". The man that stood before me was going to be a first time daddy. HERE GOES NOTHING!! We are Excited!

    On June 19th 2017 we confirmed our baby was growing right on target. A tiny bean of a baby floating around in there with only one duty… GROW. August 14th 2017, Boy? Girl? Oh the anticipation of confirming this little baby of ours. BOY! We are having a little boy with a due date of 1.23.18 (Remember this date?) Look back on the beginning of our story… Where it all began.

    Everything did happen very quickly, moving from Clearwater to announcing my pregnancy, combining lives and lets not forget ENGAGED! August 27th 2017. By this time I am getting up there in pregnancy, I am tired all the TIME! Someone please prop me up and consider me to be alert LOL. No really… The day before on the 26th Dustin took me to the zoo. I love elephants so much borderline obsessed with them some would say. I only found these details out later, the intentions were for Dustin to find the elephants and propose to me in front of them. Guys we walked the entire zoo and elephants! Although I had no idea what was going on anyways. I just assumed he wanted me to see these elephants so much so that he kept searching high and low. When we finally found them… wait no when we finally found (singular) one elephant it was giving us the cold shoulder… No face all (Butt)! And then it starts to POUR! What a crock of crap…

    The following morning Dustin wakes me to breakfast… God I love this man. But what was inside my to-go-box? Yellow rose petals, a stuffed elephant and a man with little words. "Be mine forever". I felt like I was in a love novel only it was our story. This man has given me exactly what my heart was missing "Yes of course" I replied as I glanced up at his face. I love you.

    I am now 28 weeks pregnant with our little boy Liam Joel Yastrzemski due on 1.23.18 the exact same date Dustin and I became acquainted. Dustin is an aspiring tattoo artist here in Jacksonville Florida, I am a Director for a local nursing home. We together are raising both of my children together with 4 small dogs in which we adore. Dustin’s niece who is now 10 was due on 1.23 as well. Interesting facts of the universe.

    Our baby shower was on 10.15.17, my youngest daughters baby shower 5 years ago was on the exact date (not planned).

    Dustin went by the nick name Beast before we met, I went by Beauty. Another universal sign. Our wedding theme will be based on the movie Beauty and The Beast. Our love story is simply, maybe even common.. but one this is for sure, it’s OURS.

    Thank you for the opportunity to tell our story and enter us to win the wedding giveaway.

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  • Ryan and Sherry

    Ryan and Sherry

    Sherry was born in Jacksonville, Fl in November 1985 and grew up in Georgia, where she graduated from Camden County High School in 2004. Sherry joined the United States Navy in 2008 and served out of Norfolk, VA for 4 years. She is now a mom of 5 amazing children and a Certified Medical Assistant planning to continue her education by finishing her degree in Radiologic Technology. She loves God and currently attends the Fathers House Kingdom Ministry where she is on the dance ministry. Sherry envisions starting her own non profit organization for young woman and girls to help guide them in Christ during life challenges.

    Ryan is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and is a father of 2 handsome boys. He is very musically inclined and have played the drums, trombone, and the tuba. He is a proud product of William M. Raines class of 2003. He is also very huge on airplanes and is passionate about the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. He got saved and baptized at the age of 12 at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church under the current leadership of Bishop John Guns. He has served in leadership roles as Youth President and assistant media director at a very young age.

    Together the couple is looking forward to raising their family, growing and serving God even more, to truly walk in their purpose not only individually, but also as a couple. They hope to one day put their love for the youth together and mentor the upcoming generation using Godly principles. But most importantly honoring and glorifying God in their marriage and being an example to other young couples. Ryan and Sherry have both been married before and through lessons learned are truly excited to experience real true love forever! This will be both of their first wedding and they will be thrilled to have an amazing wedding as a memory to share for years and years to come.

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About the Giveaway

  • Seachasers


    Seachasers will provide reception for 50 people, room large enough 50 people, tables with linens, chairs for 50 people, buffet, plates and silverware for 50, non-alcoholic beverages for 50.

  • Global Diamonds

    Wedding Bands
    Global Diamonds

    Global Diamonds will provide a $500 gift certificate for Wedding Bands for Bride and Groom.

  • E-Medical Spa

    E-Medical Spa

    E-Medical Spa will provide Microdermabrasion treatments for the Bride and Groom.

  • The Wedding Dance Studio

    Dance Lessons
    The Wedding Dance Studio

    The Wedding Dance Studio will be giving the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be dance lessons before their big day. A 25 lesson package valued at $1250

  • Elite Celebrations

    Reception Décor
    Elite Celebrations

    Elite Celebrations will provide a $500 gift certificate for party décor for reception-valid for centerpieces, party decorations and linens.

  • Sarah Anna Events

    Wedding Planner
    Sarah Anna Events

    Sara Anna Events will provide "It's Our Day" wedding planning package, help you plan all the details of your wedding, and help with ordering your wedding invitations, guest lists, timelines, day of coordination plus so much more. $3,000 value

  • Jax Beaches Family Detistry

    Teeth Whitening
    Jax Beaches Family Dentistry

    Jax Beaches Family Dentistry will provide a teeth whitening package for the Bride and the Groom.

  • Bonefish Grill

    Bridal Shower
    Bonefish Grill

    The Bride and 10 of her closest friends and family will enjoy $500 worth of food and drinks at Bonefish Grill.

  • MyDry Blowout Bar

    Hair & Makeup
    MyDry Blowout Bar

    My Dry Blowout Bar will provide a hair and makeup package for the Bride on her big day.

  • Fit Peace by Peace

    Fitness/Nutritional Coaching
    Fit Peace by Peace

    Fit Peace by Peace will provide a certified personal trainer/wellness coach to customize a plan for your big day! Includes 4 in-person personal training sessions (1 hr session), recipes and much more. $2,000 value

Previous Winners

Eric and Whitney Chris Geraci and Betsy Kaiman Eric and Brittany Mike and Liz Kyle and Kristen Todd and Holli

Eric and Whitney

2016 Winners

I knew from our first time meeting, that Eric would make an impression on my life. From the moment each of our eyes were laid on each other, we've been laughing ever since. We can all agree that life is a beautiful thing but it became extremely incredible and even more beautiful that first night Eric came into my life. We met through mutual friends at a gathering and from that night, we kept finding excuses to see each other, hoping to just spend more and more time with each other. Our first date after meeting, was at a Brad Paisley concert. It was so much fun and even a little romantic. I thought to myself, “I have never had so much fun with a person in my life”, and I knew at that moment, that Eric and I were meant to find each other. Throughout the years we've been able to build our love through courage, commitment and even stepping outside of our boundaries together. I learned something about myself the day I fell in love with Eric. I had seen a type of love that I didn't even know existed. I never knew that there was a type of emotion like that, that could be felt. The past, almost, 8 years have showed me what kind of person Eric is and the only word to describe that is selfless. Who would have known that, that first time meeting each other and after our very first date- that I was meeting my soulmate. While there isn't a single event along the way that I would change if given the opportunity, but I would not have been able to survive without his love. Not every single love story is filled with love and joy. In fact, some of the greatest relationships are built on more than just love. They are also built on tough times, loss, and even grief. Throughout the past so many years, Eric and I have been able to build a family with four feet and fur. Our animals mean the world to us and we've had so much fun building and bonding our love, and making our animals a part of our life. Unfortunately, like most, we've suffered some great losses with our animals and even one of our closest friends. But because our relationship and our love is so strong, we've been able to grieve and recover as a team. In our time together, we've been able to build a business, build our family and build our characters. When Eric walks into a room, the room lights up and is filled with joy. Eric and I are constantly learning from each other on how to love and take care of ourselves, our family and any one who needs it. We've learned that relationships that turn into marriage are always a revolving door that needs work and commitment. We are so excited and blessed to continue building our relationship. This love between us is nothing less than an embodiment of a dream come true.

Chris and Betsy

Football Love

It all started on November 14th, 2011. It was a brisk Monday night, and the Green Bay Packers were about to take on the Minnesota Vikings for Monday Night Football. I was at our local Packers fan club’s (The North Florida Packer Backers) annual tailgate party at Hooters Tinseltown. At the time, I was selling raffle tickets for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Super Bowl for a school fundraiser, so I was busy chatting it up with all the club members for any potential buyers. That’s when I stumbled upon this handsome fellow Packers fan, who I of course talked into buying a raffle ticket. I think it was my masterful sales pitch that drew him in, but he says he just bought one because he thought I was cute! Anyway, we chatted for a bit, but then I had to get back to my fundraising duties. As it got closer to game time, my friends had decided to go to a nearby bar instead of watching the game, and I didn’t have anyone to sit with. As luck would have it, that same guy walks up and says: “If you have no one to sit with, I’d be obliged if you would come sit with us”. How could I resist charm like that?!? We sat together and cheered together as the Packers beat up the Vikings, and that was the first step to the rest of our lives! As time passed, we began dating, I finished school and he started going back to school, we moved in together, and our love seems to be getting stronger every day (even though he likes the Seminoles and I’m a diehard Gator fan, but hey, at least we have the Packers and Jags to root for together).

Almost 3 years later, on September 28th, 2014, we were back at the Packers club, which had by then moved to BlackFinn, and we were watching a big rivalry game, the Packers vs the Bears. During half time, the club does a raffle of fun little Packers swag, and little did I know that today I was going to win the greatest prize ever! I sat there as they called off number after number that wasn’t mine, until I hear them say there was only one more raffle left. I rubbed my ticket a little harder, and sure enough, it was my number! As I got up to collect my prize I’m thinking, “Surely it’ll be the worst one since it was the last one left, right?? Boy was I wrong… The club president proceeds to announce that I’d won a Packers banner, and that it just so happens to say: “Betsy, will you marry me?” on it! Completely shocked, I immediately turned around looking for Chris, and he was right there behind me on one knee. The entire crowd was cheering, I was crying with overwhelmingly happy emotions, and to top it off, the Packers dominated the Bears! This crazy guy of mine had set the whole thing up… He had quite a few club members in on it to help him pull it off by rigging the raffle so my ticket would guarantee to be called as the last prize.

This journey we have been on together has been nothing short of amazing. As we move forward with our life together, the next step for us is a beautiful wedding that will let us celebrate and share our love with our friends and family.

Eric and Brittany

Our Love Story: Timing is Everything!

Eric and I Initially met in high school, but lost contact after graduation..... Ten years later my mom invited me to listen to a band with her at Ragtime. I walked in to meet her and my eyes went straight to the tall, handsome, guy with the great smile that I hadn't seen in a while. It was Eric, we only exchanged hello's but I couldn't get him out of my mind. A month passed and I was laying out at the beach when Eric comes walking up with his surf board. He sat and we chatted, turns out we were neighbors! He asked me to lunch but I had to go to class. Another month passed and I would catch myself looking for him as I would pass by his place. He thought I blew him off with the "I have class excuse" which is why he didn't pursue me further. I decided to search for him on facebook. I finally found him, friend requested him, and posted "hey neighbor" on his wall. He took that as a green light to pursue so when he was walking his dog by my place he stopped to say hello. I wasn't home but my door was left open slightly on accident. He closed and locked it for me and then messaged me about it. I thanked him and he invited me to lunch again. I was actually in the middle of lunch but didn't want him to think I was blowing him off a second time so I asked for a rain check. He cashed in his rain check a few nights later and was a trooper as I brought two friends along on our first date!

They instantly approved and Eric and I rarely spent a day apart after. We found our optimistic natures and interests to be so similar that it was scary and it didn't take long for us to realize (as cliche as it sounds) that we were meant to be! It was refreshing for both of us to find that in a person that we were also attracted to. I knew in that first week that I would marry Eric and he shared that feeling with me. After our one year anniversary dinner Eric insisted we go for a walk on the beach to watch the sunset. It didn't take much to convince me because walks on the beach and sunsets are two of my favorite things. As we were walking Eric began to tell me how happy he was to have me in his life as his partner, friend, and soul mate. I was expressing my mutual feelings as we approached the street where he asked me on that first lunch date. He then stopped me, grabbed both my hands, and got down on one knee. He began his spiel (he tends be a bit long winded at times) so I was nodding my head YES! before he even put the ring on my finger. He arranged for a friend to hide out in the dunes to capture the moment and then greet us with the same bottle of bubbly we shared (with my two friends) on our actual first date =)

We are excited to share our special day with the people that we care most about but with financial restrictions due to student loans, living expenses, and family members unable to contribute we realize that planning will have to be postponed further than we would had hoped. We are a great representation of a healthy, happy couple with Jacksonville roots and would be ideal, deserving candidates for the Ultimate Wedding Giveaway from Money Pages!

Mike and Liz

Our Proposal Story

Mike and Liz took a trip to Orlando for her birthday, and we arranged for Mike to propose to Liz on stage at Jellyrolls, the dueling piano bar at the Disney Boardwalk. Mike’s dad (me) contacted the performers for that evening and arranged for them to bring both Mike and Liz on stage under the pretense of her birthday. After they had Liz and Mike do their little birthday skit, they invited Mike to give Liz her gift, at which point he knelt and asked her to marry him. She was very surprised, and accepted. The tears flowed even more when she realized that her mother and us were in the audience, videotaping the proposal.

Kyle and Kristen

Our Story

It is often said that your special someone is right under your nose and little did we know the truth that statement would hold for us. Kyle and I worked together at Adventure Landing Water Park for two years. Kyle was an EMT, and I was the water park assistant manger. Although we worked together for so long we never really had a chance to get to know each other. Outside of work we moved in very different circles. In October of 2009 we were both working the annual haunted house that Adventure Landing hosts and after work everyone decided to go out to Denny’s for dinner. Kyle randomly offered to give me a ride and we hit it off right away. A few days later he asked me to lunch. This was to be our first official date at Cruisers Grill in Jacksonville Beach. Our conversation went as most do when you’re getting to know each other and we started to realize that our circles weren’t all that far apart. Kyle was well known by my Aunt, had actually worked with my sister and was good friends with my cousin and they graduated from high school together. Kyle and I have been inseparable since the lunch we shared at Cruisers. The proposal…. My birthday is on November 9th and for my birthday Kyle took me on a helicopter tour over St. Augustine. This was something we had been talking about doing for over a year. On November 19th we drove to St. Augustine for our tour of the nations oldest city via the sky. The view was amazing and we were so excited. While flying over the beach Kyle asked me to look at the sand. I looked down to see that written in the sand was, Marry me Kristen? When I turned back to him he was holding a beautiful ring and asked me to share my life with him. I was shocked, excited and began to cry, and I almost forgot to even say YES! It was better than I could have imagined and we CANT WAIT to get married and begin our life. Yes, it truly is a small world but I know it holds lots of wonderful special moments for us!

Thanks for reading our story!

Todd and Holli

Our Story

I am a police officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office. Holli, at the time, was an intern finishing up her degree in forensic investigations hoping to land a job with the Medical Examiners office. Part of her internship was that she had to spend hours with the various units at the Sheriffs office.

On December the 4th of 2007, she was scheduled to have a ride along with a police officer. At the time, I was still on probation for being a new employee and was not allowed to have ride alongs. It ended up that for unknown reasons; she was my first ride along. We had such a great time and I almost forgot that I was at work. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers. She always tells me that she did not do it on purpose; however, she left her sunglasses in my patrol car. That of course led to our amazing first date.

We have fallen in love since then and have had loads of fun together. One of our “things” is making our own Halloween costumes for parties. This year we decided to be characters from the movie Hangover. I was Alan, the guy that carried the baby and read the toast on the top of the roof. Holli was the stripper. So for my proposal, I wrote a toast to read as the character did in the movie. Right before we left for the party, I told Holli that I had prepared a toast to read at the party and asked her if I could practice reading it to her to see if it was funny or not. I read the toast, in costume, as she was gathering last minute snacks to bring along to the party. Apparently my toast was pretty funny, because she kept laughing and then at the end I got down on my knee with the ring in hand. She turned around to see it and was so shocked and caught off guard. She did not say anything for a while and asked if I was kidding. Finally after a few seconds she teared up and said yes!

There is a lot more that I am probably leaving out, but those are the highlights of how we met and our proposal. Holli is now employed full time with the Medical Office and I patrol in Zone 3. We have had cases together and share a common bond not only with each other but with our jobs.

Eric and Whitney: Their Story Chris and Betsy: Their Story Eric and Brittany: Their Story Mike and Liz: Their Story Kyle and Kristen: Their Story Todd and Holli: Their Story