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Not Printed on Money

Money Pages. The Name says it all.

No, the magazine isn't printed on money. But, in a way, it is.
Open the latest issue and you'll find hundreds of vendors of every sort who want your business --- and are willing to slash their prices to prove it.
Clip the coupons for bargains on oil changes, pizza, carpet cleaning, or even big ticket items like cars and homes.
And, best of all, this "book of bargains" arrives via the U.S. Postal Service.  it's real ink on real paper, no computer required. "Money Pages is right there in your hand, ready for you to scan, select and save," said Alan Worley, founder and president. "It's ready when you're ready."
Worley describes Money Pages as "a thick, full-color magazine that arrives in about 600,000 mailboxes every month." It's so valued that a radio ad features a woman who doubts the good judgement of a boyfriend who doesn't use it to cut costs. "Listeners who know our publication wonder why she's kept him around as long as she has," he said.
However, Worley knows that even a useful, good-looking magazine can't suceed without the men and woman of the Postal Service. "Timely dispatch and in-box, on-time delivery is what makes Money Pages a powerful sales and marketing tool," he said.
Nine years ago Worley started Money Pages, betting his personal finances that the market would welcome the publication. He was right. Now, mailing in five markets, Money Pages is looking to expand.
"The U.S. Mail has been an essential part of our business model from the beginning," he said, "and we expect USPS will continue to be an important partner for a very long time to come."
North Florida District Customer Relations Manager Lucious Sumlar like the sound of that. "Money Pages proves that hardcopy communications is still a powerful medium," he said. "We have products we can use to earn our way in the market --- if we deliver quality along with the mail."